Please note that ministries and organizations are listed in alphabetical order. To learn how to become involved, please contact the Parish Office.


Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest at all weekend and daily Masses, as well as at funerals and weddings. Any boy or girl in fifth grade or above is welcome to become an altar server.  There is no upper age limit.  Schedules are sent by email or distributed in the church gathering space.  Training is provided.


 Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers assist the priest with the distribution of the Lord’s Body and Blood.  Extraordinary ministers are scheduled for 1-2 Sundays per month.  Volunteers may request specific Mass times.  Extraordinary ministers are commissioned to ensure all Sunday and Holy Day Masses are adequately covered for distribution of Communion.  Training provided.  Commissioned every three years within the Diocese.


Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick

Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick assist in taking Communion to sick and infirmed Parishioners at home or in the nursing homes, which may not otherwise be able to receive the Holy Eucharist.  Time commitment includes visits on First Fridays and/or throughout the week as the minister’s time permits and when requested.  A separate ministry to those in the hospitals is also available; must be approved and commissioned by the Diocese for hospital ministry.


Holy Name Society

Holy Name Society is devoted to ensuring the respect, the honor and holiness demanded by the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ and God.  Male adults in good standing with the church are invited.  The men attend Mass and receive Holy Communion as a group on the second Sunday of each month followed by their monthly meeting.  Monthly dues support parish projects such as Communion Breakfast, Men’s Night of Recollection, and provide special gifts to support parish needs.  They also sponsor the annual Bundle Drive for St. Vincent de Paul



The Lectors proclaim God’s Word to the congregation in such a way as to impact meaning and understanding.  Lectors are part of the opening and closing procession of the Mass, and are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Training and study aids are provided.


Music Ministry

The ministry of music is an active program combining a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists who serve the parish, encouraging the full participation of the congregation in each liturgy.  Members may be any age, from the 4th grade through adult who have a desire to praise God in song.  Please contact Alan Link for further information.

  • The Adult Choir provides music for weekend liturgies as well as music for special celebrations during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Choir practice is every Sunday between 9:30 and 10:45 AM September through May.  Additional rehearsals may be scheduled by the director for preparation for the holidays, sacraments, and special events.  Each rehearsal is designed to not only teach the necessary repertoire, but to enhance each singer’s vocal technique, reading skills, and performance etiquette in a prayerful environment.
  • Cantors are a vital part of every liturgy and the music ministry. They lead the congregation in song during the Mass and encourage participation by the parishioners.  Cantors work with the music director on singing technique, performance etiquette, and music reading skills to prepare them for this ministry.  They are encouraged to prepare at home with worship aids and performance tapes, and will meet prior to their scheduled Mass to rehearse as well as any additional time they feel they need.
  • Youth Choir: Children from fourth grade and older are encouraged to participate in special Sunday, holiday, and sacrament liturgies.  Children are given special encouragement in the areas of voice training, music reading and performance techniques, to help them foster a desire to sing now as they get older.  Rehearsals are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 – 4:15 PM with special rehearsals as need.
  • Instrumentalists: Any student or adult who is proficient enough on an instrument to perform in public is encouraged to share their talents by accompanying the music director for various liturgies.  Rehearsals are scheduled on an as needed basis.



The Ushers are part of the ministry of service in our worship of God.  They set the tone by the way they look (appropriate attire), greet people, assist with seating, and take up the collections.  They also direct parishioners during Communion at mass.  They may also be asked to direct parking for special parish celebrations.  Ushers rotate Liturgy schedule times and report 15 minutes prior to Mass and be available after Mass to distribute bulletins and the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper to members as they leave church. Men or women are welcome. No age restrictions.