Leadership Councils and Committees

Please note that ministries and organizations are listed in alphabetical order. To learn how to become involved, please contact the Parish Office.


Finance Council

The finance council is a consultative body of persons established to advise and aid the pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. They prepare the parish budget and work to achieve the goals and objectives of the parish as defined through the pastoral plan. Individuals with experience in business related areas are welcome to contact the rectory to volunteer. This group meets in the evening, at least quarterly or as needed to review specific projects. Members are appointed for a 4 year term, with an additional 4 year extension likely.


Fund Raising/Social Planning Committee

Fund raising activities are planned throughout the year in addition to the bingo and annual festival. These may include dinners, Night at the Races, and any social events in the parish, e.g. parish dinners, breakfasts, or receptions following a church event. Committee members would assist with planning, scheduling volunteers, and promoting events throughout the parish and to the community.


Liturgy Committee

The liturgy committee is responsible for all aspects of our worship as a community. This includes, but is not limited to: liturgy planning for weekly and special liturgies, decorative embellishments of the Sanctuary, and any other changes or improvements to the liturgical meaning of the Mass. The group meets monthly from August through May or as needs arise.


Money Counters

Under Diocesan Finance policies we are required to have individuals serve on a team to assist with counting weekly collections. This group opens and balances the money in the envelopes received and deposits the funds. Attributes include good concentration, can count money and maintain confidentiality. This group meets on Monday for about two hours with rotating schedules. Training is provided by the Business Manager and current team members. Background checks are required.


Operations and Maintenance

The building and grounds committee helps assess maintenance needs and assists with special projects around the parish. They perform basic summer maintenance around the parish property including some carpentry, painting, plumbing, and gardening. Time commitment varies based on need and availability.


Parish Assistance

Volunteers are often needed to help coordinate various parish office projects. Volunteers may be required to make copies, compile mailings, make phone calls, or do office computer work. They may also be asked to set and clean up after various events. We would also like to establish a group to provide child care so that others may attend work at parish activities (clearances would be required).


Pastoral Council

The parish pastoral council shares in the responsibility for temporal and spiritual needs and actions of the parish in accordance with Canon Law and diocesan legislation and regulations. Council members are appointed by the pastor and after a minimum of at least three year discernment and training service. The council maintains the integrity of the parish mission statement and the related objectives set forth in the parish pastoral plan. Meetings are held monthly from September thru June.